How much does it cost for a Sweet Marching drill?

  • A flat rate, based upon number of charted performers is listed below. Remember, every prop placed on the design stage counts as a performer (whether it moves or not). The minimum charge for any show design is $1500.
Base Price
1$1500<50 Performers
2$200051-75 Performers
3$250076-100 Performers
4$3000101-125 Performers
5$3500126-150 Performers
6$4000151-175 Performers
7$4500176-200 Performers
8$5000201-225 Performers
9$5500226-250 Performers
10$6000251-275 Performers
11$6500276-300 Performers

What if I need program coordination?

– If you are looking for one person to consult with you on your concept from top to bottom, including (but not limited to): Drill, Costuming, Guard Costuming, Prop Design, Show Flow, Music Arranging, and Percussion Arranging, then I would be glad to assist you. For most units, a modest $500 addendum is added to your drill cost.

Prop Design (Digital ideas)
 – This gives you the ideas in place for your concept. You will be in charge of physically creating these ideas.

Costume Design (Digital ideas)
 – I work with some outstanding designers, I can create (along with your show concept) a costume that is integrated with your show theme.

Show Flow
 – What does your show story tell? What is the horizontal timeline and how does that integrate with your vertical moments? This is from where General Effect is derived (both musical and visual)

Music/Percussion Arranging
 – I work with several outstanding arrangers that have hundreds of championships between them. We can have discussions as to what arranger would fit your program best (including pre-designed shows).

I’m a drill writer and would like analysis of my drill before sending it to a client.

 – If you are an aspiring drill writer and would like feedback to help you along, I would be glad to help you. Count on $100 per hour of feedback (can be done via Zoom/Skype) with a $100 minimum per session. Time is rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes.

I’m an aspiring drill writer and would like lessons.
– If you would like to learn to write drill, I encourage you to take the free course under Marching Band Methods. If you would like feedback on drill written within the course or would like further lessons, the rate is $50/Hour.

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